There was an excellent attendance by between 150-200 participants, who came together at short notice. They met at the Catholic Cathedral in Birmingham.


All faiths participated: members of the Muslim Community and the Pentecostal faith as well Eritrean Catholics and members of the Orthodox church. 


They gave witness about the role of the Catholic Church of Eritrea’s health centres and the schools. They explained that whatever their faiths they could go to and use the Catholic Health Centres – without being charged. The schools also served all the communities and were very well regarded. 


One of the witnesses said “I used to go to St Joseph Catholic’s school in Keren. I used to ring the bell of the church. Yet I am Muslim, but I still love my Christian brothers and sisters.”

An organiser reported: “The dictator tried so many evil techniques to separate us and betrayed us. Now he is trying to betray us by saying that the Catholic health centres and schools were only for Catholics. This is not true. It was heart-breaking for all of us.”