Source: ACAPS (Full report at end of this summary – or from here

ACAPS has conducted a Quick Impact Survey as part of its efforts to better understand the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and its impact on current humanitarian operations. It was sent to humanitarian organisations worldwide.

Key findings:

  • Measures imposed by governments or taken by organisations to protect staff and the recipients of their services have not stopped operations. While operations are affected almost everywhere, they largely continue.
  • Important adaptations have become necessary to ensure continuation of business and adjust to the new situation. Respondents report a shift in focus of their operations, as well as in the way they function.
  • There is a backlash against the staff of humanitarian organisations in some countries. Considering that we are only seeing the start of the pandemic in many countries, there is a risk the backlash may intensify.
  • Two lessons learned from previous epidemic responses were identified, which may be beneficial in the COVID-19 response:
    • The role community engagement is essential for a successful response
    • The risks of reallocating resources, particularly to other activities in the health sector

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