These photographs of the young prince are from the British Library Collection.

They show the prince after he was capture by the British following the battle of Magdala in 1868, following Emperor Tewodros II’s seizure of British missionaries and a British envoy.

Prince Alamayu, Captain Speedy and unnamed woman

It is a tragic story. Wikipedia gives an outline.

The young prince was taken to Britain, under the care of Captain Tristram Speedy.

Prince Alamayu and Captain Speedy

“This was in accordance with the wishes of Tewodros II who had asked his wife, the Empress Tiruwork Wube, in the event of his death, to place his son under the protection of the British. This decision was apparently made in the fear that the Prince’s life would be in jeopardy from an aspirant for the Empire of Abyssinia. The Empress Tiruwork had intended to travel to Britain with her son following the death of her husband, but died on the march from Magdala to Zula leaving Alemayehu an orphan.”

Prince Simyen Alamayu

The young prince was well cared for in Britain, meeting Queen Victoria and being sent to an excellent school. Tragically he died young, at the age of just 18. He’s buried at Windsor Castle Chapel, in a grave marked “I was a stranger and ye took me in.” Ethiopia has campaigned to have his remains returned, but this has been resisted.