Afar with camels (stock photograph)

I am receiving information that the Eritrean Government is conducting raids and arresting entire families in the Galalo District in the Afar Red Sea region (Eastern Eritrea, Dankalia).

On October 6th 2020, the army’s security forces made widespread arrests of the families in the Endeli district, where those forces took 6 families with 3 underage children. They were taken to a detention camp in Sanafi. 

Here are the names of the people arrested:

1- Halima Mohammad Ismail

2- Fatima Mohammad Abobaker 

3- Khamisi Ali Abobaker 

4- Hawa Mohammad Abobaaker 

5- Aisha Saleh Adam 

6- Radhia Abdullah.

 Three are children, one girl, and two boys, all of them under 12 Years. A total of 9 people.

See here for further details.