The four military persons seen at Mirakqua on Thursday with General Berhanu Jula are now in Mekelle. 

It appears that these foreigners have been involved in flying Antonovs,  seen hovering over Astbi, Dessaa and Wojerat. 

These flights were followed by air attacks against nearby villages such as Haiki-Messihkal village and Adi-Keyihk (both connecting the route to Afar) though both are far apart from each other. 

Haiki-Messihkal is accessed via Agulaa and Aadi-Keyihk is close to Adi-Gudom.

The electricity distribution grid was intentionally demolished at Gereb Dikdik, to cut off supply across the whole Tigray Region. 

The onslaught across the whole region appears to be a final attempt to eliminated the Tigrayan Defence Force once for all.

The heaviest battle has been at Adi-Teka, close to Eidag-Hamus on the way to Adigrat.

Ethiopian National Defence Force has encountered heavy losses especially at Haiki-Messihal and Selekh-lekha. A Tigrayan Colonel, Teklu Amare was captured is now a prisoner of war.