Source: Statement from Tigray Defence Forces

Breaking News

“Tigray Armed Forces have carried out comprehensive counter-offensives along Gashena-Lalibela and Kon-Gashina road neutralizing 80,000+ ENDF, Amhara Special Forces, Fano and Amhara Militia.

It is marching forward

We implemented our plan of destroying the enemy at the place and time of our choosing.

Consequently, our forces first defended and then carried out counter-offensives against the huge force that was attacking on Gashina front and surrounding areas and managed to achieve glorious and astonishing victory.

Our army cut the Gashena-Lalibela and Kon-Gashina road as well as [the road] to Genete Mariam against:

• 11 standard divisions of ENDF [33rd, 34th, 57th, 71st, 78th, 11th, 67th, 81st, 82nd, 24th, 31st] 

• 7 brigades of Amhara Special Forces [Mekdela, Nebro, Belay Zeleke, Tedros, Abay, Menelik, Wendimamachoch(?)] 

• 3 brigades of Fano, large number of militia

Total of 80,000+ forces.

Tigray Armed Forces first defended and later transitioned to comprehensive counteroffensive which destroyed and scattered this huge enemy force.

The defensive and counteroffensive battles are presently ongoing in an intensified manner.

The details of these glorious victories will be announced soon.

Our existence and safety through our [inner] strength

Tigray will be victoriousMilitary

Command of Tigray Armed Forces Dimtsi Weyane” 12/12/21