The line, which has just opened, is a marvel.

Like most of London’s great projects (like the House of Commons) it was vastly over budget and years late. But it is beautiful, comfortable and a real asset for the city and the towns around it.

First: two photos of Kentish Town tube. The first station here was opened by the Midland Railway on 1 October 1868 on the extension to its new London terminal at St Pancras

The age of the station shows, as these photographs – taken today – make clear. But it is still very much in service.

The Elizabeth line is connected to the North London line from Kentish Town at Tottenham Court Road.

The signs are clear and use the traditional London Underground lettering and design, but has adopted purple to differentiate it from the rest of the tube.

Once I reached the Elizabeth line I was immediately struck by the size of the tunnels and the clean lines the architects have adopted.

From here it is a comfortable ride all the way to London docklands, Canary Warf.

Here a treat awaits the traveller. Not only are there beautiful, generous platforms and escalators, above the station is a surprise.

As you can see, the Eden project from Cornwall has planted the most lovely garden two floors up.

It is a delight to walk along – an invitation for people to buy food at the stalls and restaurants lower down – and eat at in peace among the greenery. Superb!