By  Africa ExPress editorial staff

September 8, 2022 [computer translation]

The revelations of Africa ExPress of the days on the commitment made by Italy to train Sudanese paramilitaries of the Rapid Support Forses (RSF) arrive in parliament. Yesterday the senator of the 5 Star Movement, Alberto Airola, spoke during the meeting and addressed his colleagues.

The speech, which we post in the video below , tells what Senator Airola had read in our articles: With contempt for human rights, Italy secretly arms and trains Janjaweed cutthroats in Sudan https: // .info / 2022/08/13 / with-contempt-of-human-rights-Italy-in-secret-arms-and-trains-cutthroats-janjaweed-in-sudan / and On January 12, a secret Italian mission in Khartoum to plan the training of janjaweed cutthroats the-cutthroat-training-janjaweed / . The senator then asked why the parliament had not been informed of this operation.

The Rapid Support Forces are made up largely of former JanJaweed, the infamous Arab terrorists nicknamed “devils on horseback” famous for attacking African villages (killing men, raping women and kidnapping children) and the agreement with the Italy, financed by Europe, foresees that the group of cutthroats will take care of blocking the migrants who from Central Africa cross Sudan and then Libya to reach the Mediterranean.

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On 12 January and then on 5 August, the RSF received a delegation of 007 Italians who arrived in secret in Khartoum.

Moreover, in February the head of this paramilitary group, General Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, nicknamed Hemetti, visited Italy in great secrecy and finally presented a list of requests including equipment for technical assistance and strategic support (i.e. instructors for training courses and weapons).

Our country and the other partners involved  (the European Union which finances the operation), after a careful evaluation, approved the “list” which also contains drones with which the former janjaweed intends, according to him, to control the borders to stop the migratory flow to Europe.

But the men of the Rapid Support Forces are also employed by the military junta in power to repress in blood the peaceful demonstrations for democracy that have taken place in the African country for months.

We are guilty of naivety if we believe that the weapons supplied and that Italy will supply will not be used against unarmed civilians to prevent the dictatorship from being overwhelmed.

According to information gathered by Africa ExPress,  from well-informed Sudanese sources, at least 15 Italian instructors are already engaged in Sudan in great secrecy, and without our parliament having been informed, in the training of former janjaweeds. This was underlined by Senator Alberto Airola. 

But be careful, there is another gem : as claimed by the always well-informed site based in Amsterdam, even the Russian mercenaries of the Wagner company have been involved in training the RSF for years.