Situation in Tigray (per 26 September)

  • A World Food Programme (WFP) spokesperson told Reuters that on 25 September a drone hit a WFP truck in the Tigray region carrying humanitarian aid and the driver was injured.
  • The spokesperson added that “flying debris from the strike injured a driver contracted by WFP and caused minor damage to a WFP fleet truck.”
  • WFP stated the drone strike took place in Zana Woreda,  in the Tigray region’s Northwestern zone.
  • Two aid workers in the Tigray region have also confirmed the incident and shared photos of the damaged WFP vehicle.
  • Getachew Reda, spokesperson of the government of Tigray said on Twitter that the drone targeted the WFP truck transporting aid from Shire to Zana, in a place called Bahra.
  • According to WFP, an estimated 13 million people in the Tigray, Amhara and Afar regions are in “urgent need of food assistance”.
  • It is reported that over the weekend, fighting in Tigray has been especially intense around Shiraro and Shire. Sources state the Ethiopian and Eritrean troops reached as far as around Adi Daro. 
  • Sources state that on the evening of 24 September the TDF entered Zarema after capturing Addi Arkay previously. In doing so they pushed back the EDNF, Fano and Amhara militias towards Debark.
  • The Women’s Association of Tigray has urged the International Commission of Human Rights Expert on Ethiopia (ICHREE) to conduct a comprehensive investigation addressing the concerns of sexual violence survivors in Tigray.
  • Dutch Professor Mirjam van Reisen warns that the involvement of Eritrea in the conflict in particular has cornered the Tigrayan population. She says that Eritrea is not interested in peace, as it benefits from weakening its neighbouring countries. 

Situation in Ethiopia (per 26 September)

  • Addis Standard reports that the Italian government has approved a total of 9 million euro in aid to respond to “Ethiopia’s most urgent needs.”
  • Two million will go directly to Ethiopia to support displaced persons from the conflicts in Gambella and the Benishangul-Gumuz regions, and to counter the crisis there.
  • Further funding will go to civil society organisations, the WFP, and the  United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).
  • Protests broke out in Bure and Finote Selam in the Amhara region on 25 September around the arrest of Fano commander Zemene Kassie, an assasination attempt on an Amhara PP leader and the death of ethnic Amhara persons in Oromia. Protests were repressed by Amhara special forces.

Regional Situation (per 26 September)

  • Mr Rashid Abdi, fellow at the Rift Valley Institute, claims to have learnt from sources that “Russian military advisors helping Eritrean army in its offensive on Tigray”
  • Various sources have reported that drones, possibly suicide drones, were spotted in Eritrea (unconfirmed).
  • OCHA reports that almost 349,000 people are affected by floods in Sudan as of 26 September. 146 people have been reported as killed by the floods, and 122 injured. The number of people affected by the floods this year has already surpassed last year’s, which was 314,500 people.
  • Sudan Tribune says three monkeypox cases were reported in a camp where Ethiopian refugees fleeing the Tigray war reside in eastern Sudan.

International Situation (per 26 September)

  • At the presentation of ICHREE’s report to the UN Human Rights Council, 13 countries opposed the conclusions of the report, whereas 19 countries welcomed it. Many countries raised concerns about the involvement of Eritrea in the renewed fighting. 
  • International Crisis Group’s Senior Analyst for Ethiopia William Davison suggests the international community could put pressure on Ethiopia by making budget support dependent on progress in the peace process.
  • He states that Tigray is at least looking for official federal assurances on key demands such as access to aid and restoration of services.
  • Various analysts state that they expect a long drawn-out conflict with fighting of varying intensity in several locations in Tigray.
  • Newly elected Kenyan president William Ruto stated the conflict in Ethiopia was a big concern to Kenya. He stated: “I have talked to President Ramaphosa, Obasanjo, and even Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed himself and we have agreed that the conflict must end. I believe in the African Union and there is no doubt that they are going to address the matter urgently.”  

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