Peace negotiations (per 12 December)

  • The African Union-appointed observer team is expected to arrive in Mekelle “soon”. Their arrival was delayed for logistical reasons, the continued presence of Eritrean and Amhara troops and the delay of restoration of services to the city, says Awate.
  • The team will be led by an as-yet unknown expert; it will be made up of 9 generals from South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria.

Situation in Tigray (per 12 December)

  • The Director General of WHO, Dr Tedros Adhanom, said that forces from Eritrea continue to massacre civilians in Tigray despite the peace agreement.
  • According to the Tigray Regional Health Bureau, more than 1425 civilians have been victims of airstrikes between June 2021 and mid-October 2022. 496 of them were killed.
  • The Tigray Emergency Coordination Center, made up of humanitarian organisations, has delivered 53.800 Metric Tons of food Tigray between 16 November and 08 December. 102.000 litres of fuel were delivered as of 05 December.
  • An additional 289.000 litres of fuel and 26.600 MT of food are required to ensure continuous distribution of food for the completion of round 2 of distributions.
  • Certain North Tigray Woredas along the border with Eritrea continue to be inaccessible. The main breaks to distribution are: lack of fuel, communications issues, reduced rations and lack of cash.
  • As of 08 December, round two of distribution has so far failed to address the food needs of 69% of the target population. The shortage of food is unlikely to change until humanitarian access is improved as the 2022 harvest will not meet those food needs.
  • A third failed agricultural season is likely to be devastating to the conflict-impacted population of Tigray.
  • According to BJM, between June 2021 to May 2022, 588 000 m3 of oxygen were needed to meet the demand of over 260 health facilities in Tigray, but only 80 984 m3 or only 13% were available.
  • Health facilities requested 24 000 units of blood but only 16 100 were made available between July 2021 and June 2022 .
  • Alastair Thompson, editor for Scoop New Zealand, has shared footage of a mass grave in Alamata shot on 03 November 2022. It allegedly shows mass graves of Tigray Defense Forces  victims.
  • Tghat Media reports that public transportation is not running in Mekelle due to a shortage of fuel and spare parts. If drivers go further than Abiy Adi and Bizet, they risk having their cars confiscated and being killed by Eritrean forces, says Tghat.

Situation in Ethiopia (per 12 December)

  • An OLA/OLF press release calls on the Oromo population to unify against the Ethiopian federal government. The press release states the government is organising a “horizontalisation” of the repression of the Oromo people, arming other ethnic groups and minorities to wage war in the name of a vision of “imperial Ethiopia” in parallel to the use of scorched earth tactics.
  • The press release calls for international mediation in the conflict to prevent “genocide” and “regime-sponsored inter-ethnic violence” and to “prevent unmanaged state-collapse”.
  • A joint emergency meeting between the federal and and regional states police commissioners was held on Friday 9 December discussing current national security issues.
  • Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonen called on the EU to provide assistance in the post-conflict rehabilitation of the country.

Regional Situation (per 12 December)

  • Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi called for the Ethiopian government to engage in a good faith attempt at finding a legally binding agreement  with Sudan about the GERD, says the Sudan Tribune.
  • Kenya and Eritrea have agreed on visa free travel for their citizens, says Nation.
  • Somalia and Ethiopia have signed a deal for the joint training of their police forces, says Goobjoog News.
  • According to the Sudan Tribune more than 30 people were killed during tribal clashes in West Kordofan.
  • Addis Standard Amharic reports that the Benishangul People’s Liberation Movement armed group signed a peace agreement with the government of Benishangul Gumuz regional state

International Situation (per 12 December)

  • The US government called on Ethiopian authorities to allow in human rights experts as a precondition to their reintegration in the African Growth and Opportunity Act, says The Reporter.
  • Talking of the US-Africa leader’s Summit, Dr Mehari Taddele Maru stated that “the Biden administration should rescind its invitation to autocrats accused of war crimes and press for accountability (…) as the core agenda of the summit”.
  • He states that inviting autocrats contributes to rehabilitating their image and gives the message that the US tolerates atrocity crimes.
  • Elizebeth Shackelford, former US diplomat, attributes the “double standard” of treatment between Tigray and Ukraine in part to the status of Ethiopia as a US ally in the war on Al Shabaab in Somalia.

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