Peace negotiations (per 20 December)

  • The list of individuals who will represent the Tigray government in peace negotiations has been revealed.
  • According to Dedebit Media the team is composed of Mr. Getachew Reda, General Tsadekan Gebretinsae, Dr. Fisha Haftetsion, Ambassador Wondmu Asaminew, General Tadese Werede, Mrs. Yalem Tsegay, Mr Beyene Mikru, Associate Professor Meresa Tsehaye.
  • The team will be accompanied by two members of the Tigray Diaspora and one member of an opposition political party.

Situation in Tigray (per 20 December)

  • The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, the largest bank in the country, announced on 19 December that it resumed its services in certain areas of Tigray. The bank stated it would continue expanding the resumption of services to other areas when conditions were suitable.
  • Fana Broadcasting Corporation reported that Lion International Bank restarted its services in Shire and surroundings, along with Wegagen Bank in the Alamata and Timuga areas.
  • According to the BBC, conditions remain dire in Tigray, especially concerning food and medicine. The World Food Program has a target of getting emergency food aid to 2.1 million people every six weeks.
  • According to Ayder Referral Hospital in Mekelle, HIV drugs and test kits have started to arrive.
  • The Global Society of Tigray Scholars & Professionals expressed its outrage at the call from the Ethiopian federal government to terminate the mandate of the International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia (ICHREE), calling on the EU and UN Human Rights Committee to reject the appeal.
  • The UNHCR stated that they and partners donated medical equipment and essential medicines to health institutions in Shire to assist the 500.000 IDPs and 2 million locals in Tigray.
  • The Tigray Regional Emergency Center states that between 16 November and 14 December 2022, 72.100 Metric Tonnes of food was distributed. They report that 58% of those in need have yet to be reached and 63% of food needed is physically available in the area.
  • Obstacles to distribution as of 15 December are: lack of fuel, lack of financial liquidity, extended humanitarian corridor blockade, accessibility issues and lack of information and communication.
  • The Center notes the absence of IDP tracking and population movements in general, the limited numbers of humanitarian workers present and the continued lack of a banking system.

Situation in Ethiopia (per 20 December)

  • Haaretz states that Ethiopia has obtained phone-hacking technology from Israeli firm Cellebrite.
  • Horn of Africa director at Human Rights Watch, Laetitia Bader, warns that Ethiopia is attempting to defund the ICHREE during UN budget negotiations.

Situation in Eritrea (per 20 December)

  • Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud announced the return to Somalia of the 5.000 Somali troops trained in Eritrea. The return will start this month, and will be completed by January 2023.
  • Radio Erena says drought, limited access to safe water, insecurity, the conflict in Tigray, and sanctions impact mean 1.1 million Eritreans are in “urgent need” of humanitarian aid, including 745.600 children.
  • BBC Tigrigna reported that Eritrean president, Isayas Afewerki, met on 19 December with Darfur regional administrator, Mini Minawi, to discuss collaboration on agriculture, health, and water infrastructure.

Regional Situation (per 20 December)

  • Sudanese security forces dispersed thousands of protesters in Khartoum with tear gas and stun grenades on 19 December during marches marking the anniversary of the toppling of Omar al-Bashir.
  • Al Jazeera reports no one was killed in the protest, but many were rushed to the hospital with the Sudan Tribune reporting 155 injured.
  • Due to recurrent floods, the WFP estimates 75% of South Sudan’s population needs food assistance.
  • The floods have also caused population displacements as ⅔ of the country is submerged and the stagnant water has caused an epidemic of malaria at a time when medical logistics are complicated due to the destruction of infrastructure and presence of water, says Médecin sans Frontières (MSF).
  • MSF warns of an increased risk of violence in the dry season as the death of livestock in a pastoralist society will likely trigger replenishment raids.
  • Ethiopia and Sudan exchanged 62 prisoners captured during border skirmishes in the region of Al-Fashaga, says Atalayar, who described the event as a step forward in the resolution of the conflict.

International Situation (per 20 December)

  • Tibor Nagy, former US Assistant Secretary of State for Africa, advocates for the US to establish an office in Hargeisa as Somaliland becomes eligible to participate in US Defense Department Programs.
  • UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk, designated Radhouane Nouicer as his expert on the situation of human rights in Sudan, replacing Adama Dieng.
  • According to The Reporter, Ethiopian Airlines is getting closer to obtaining loans from the US Import-Export bank to fund the acquisition of 26 Boeings by the end 2025.

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