I promised 10 good things that happened in 2022. These are in random order. Political, scientific and environmental.


Battery technology

Developments in rapid charging battery technology, using cheap, abundant sodium instead of expensive and relatively rare lithium


Donald Trump’s influence on American politics took a hit. Many of his endorsed candidates lost out in the mid-term elections


The World Cup and Euros:

Morocco for making Africa proud and England Women for making England proud


The endangered Australian Great Barrier Reef – a wonder of the world – is growing pieces of broken coral in “nurseries”


Democracies have united behind Ukraine to resist the Russian invasion ordered by Putin

Putin Ukraine War Protest


Rewilding takes a huge step forward in Britain with the release of a Bison bull for the first time in 12,000 years


First Alzheimer’s drug – lecanemab – hailed as momentous breakthrough


The most powerful tidal turbine now produces clean energy anchored off the coast of Scotland


The growing popularity of cycling: over 2 billion in use around the world. By 2050, it could be as high as five billion


The heroic resistance of the people of Tigray.

[Did you really think I would forget?]