Situation in Sudan (per 20 April)

  • The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) will send the presidents of Kenya, South Sudan and Djibouti to Sudan to mediate the conflict and attempt to restore stability.
  • Libyan militia (under control of Khalifa Haftar) have provided military support to Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces (RSF). Meanwhile, Egypt has sent planes and pilots to support the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF).
  • Sources state Eritrea is providing logistical support to RSF in Kassala to take control of the airport. They are also coordinating with Haftar (Libya) who sent a planeload of supplies.
  • Bombardments in the centre of Khartoum are reported on Thursday, including on the airport of Khartoum. The short ceasefire of Wednesday evening did not hold.
  • Senior military hostages as well as their families (including children) are being held hostage by the RSF.
  • About 40 Khartoum hospitals out of 59 are not functioning due to ongoing fighting. The remaining functioning hospitals are overwhelmed by rising numbers of patients, lacking staff and supplies. 
  • Hospitals and facilities have been looted by the RSF. Sources report that stores and markets are closed.
  • The WHO called on both sides to create a humanitarian corridor for medics to reach people in need.
  • 350 people are reported to be dead and about 3200 injured as a result of fighting, said Ahmed Al-Mandhari, WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office, in a press briefing. 
  • Thousands of people are fleeing Khartoum, trying to escape to neighbouring regions, mainly Gezira and River Nile, which report a calmer situation. 
  • Sudanese news reported that Ethiopian Special forces from Amhara attacked the Al Fashaga region of Sudan. The Sudanese army was able to repel this attack.
  • Direct attacks and  looting on international personnel and UN/INGOs offices are still ongoing.
  • Airports are still closed and the shortage of supplies as well as power outages are worsening.
  • The United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) has approved the evacuation of all international dependents and international personnel performing non-programme activities in Khartoum and Darfur. UNDSS has also approved the relocation of national personnel from Darfur.
  • An extraction team of a diplomatic mission was attacked. There are reports of diplomatic police and security guards abandoning UN offices and residences.
  • Reports show aerial bombings in Omdurman. Shooting in North Darfur has continued. Kutum is reported to be calm, under control of SAF. In Kabkaiya there is a lot of tension but no shooting.
  • In Nyala both RSF and SAF are heavily present, with RSF in control of the airport.
  • Zalingei town reported heavy shooting, as SAF was shelling the RSF compound near police HQ.
  • Clashes have been ongoing in El Obeid, North Kordofan, with aerial strikes by SAF on RSF positions.
  • There were shootings at Marawi airport, with the RSF allegedly deploying more troops to secure the landing of a plane coming with aid from other countries.
  • Hemedti and Al-Burhan accuse each other of being responsible for starting the fight and refuse to negotiate with each other, said Al Jazeera.

Situation in Ethiopia  (per 20 April)

  • Berhanu Jula, Chief of the General National Defense Forces of Ethiopia, stated that the regional Special Forces in Ethiopia have been disbanded, however, it is reported that many rank and file as well as junior commanders have left, possibly taking their arms.
  • Not all Special Forces seem to be equally affected by the restructuring, with some seeming unaffected.

Situation in Tigray (per 20 April)

  • Witnesses of the massacres around Adwa at the end of October 2022 state that Eritrean soldiers were looting and killing over the course of several days. In some places they targeted men and boys, in others they killed indiscriminately. The killings included children.
  • The Eritrean soldiers prevented survivors from burying the bodies.

Situation in Eritrea (per 20 April)

  • An Eritrean pastor who passed away after being imprisoned for 10 years is not allowed to be buried because he is from a church group that is outlawed in Eritrea.

Regional Situation  (per 20 April)

  • The conflict in Laascaanood resulted in many civilian casualties, with Somaliland forces shelling towns, hospitals, schools and mosques, thereby displacing over 10,000 people, states Amnesty International.

International Situation (per 20 April)

  • The EU released a statement condemning the fighting in Sudan and calling on actors to facilitate humanitarian access, and protect civilians and humanitarian personnel.
  • The US is preparing to implement new sanctions against the RSF and SAF in Sudan.
  • Japan will send its Self-Defense Forces (SDF) to Sudan to rescue Japanese nationals living in Sudan.
  • Eritreans in the Netherlands have sent a letter of concern to the public prosecutor who is leading the prosecution against the accused Eritrean human trafficker Tewelde Goitom (Walid).
  • The Eritreans were alarmed over the revelations in the court hearing on 6 April that Walid had attempted to influence witnesses from prison. They are concerned that this may lead to witnesses of severe violations fearing to come forward in the case.
  • The public prosecutor responded that they share the concern and indicate that witnesses should be able to speak without fearing retaliation.
  • The G7 urged Ethiopia and Tigray to address the process of transitional justice and accountability. 

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