Situation in Sudan (per 25 April)

  • A new ceasefire has been negotiated between Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) which started at midnight local time on 24 April. Both sides agreed to hold a 72-hour truce.
  • US Secretary of State Antony Blinken confirmed that the new ceasefire has been the result of a 48 hours long negotiation process.
  • Sources from the ground state the ceasefire has failed in a number of places. Guns and shelling have been heard in Khartoum, Omdurman and West Darfur despite the agreement. Airstrikes were reported in Omdurman.
  • Peace committees led by civilians have brokered ceasefires in the Darfur region. They appear to be holding in El Fasher, and the situation in Nyala is reportedly stable.
  • Truces in four out of the five states in the Darfur region have been held since Thursday night, said Salah al-Din Muhammad al-Fadl. Salah is the head of the Native Administration in Darfur, a government forum with representatives from all tribes.
  • The truce includes that both sides committed to hold the positions they control. Leaders are focusing on the establishment of humanitarian corridors to deliver aid and collect bodies.
  • An attempt at civilian-brokered ceasefire in El Geneina in West Darfur did not hold, and heavy fighting is reported.
  • 459 people have been killed in Sudan and 4,075 injured so far, says Dr Nima Saeed Abid, World Health Organisation (WHO) representative in Sudan. Numbers are expected to be higher in reality.
  • The Centre of Public Health Laboratory in Khartoum has been seized and occupied by one of the fighting sides in Sudan ordering the technicians and personnel of the laboratory to leave.
  • The biological risk associated with the occupation of the central public health lab is high, says Dr. Abid, as the laboratory holds samples of measles, polio and cholera.
  • The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) is preparing for a larger movement of refugees in the neighbouring countries of Sudan, namely Chad, South Sudan and Egypt.
  • UNHCR is deploying emergency teams in the border regions to support the emergency.
  • The El Jeili refinery in the eastern part of Khartoum North is reportedly under control of RSF.
  • The Horn of Africa Civil Society Forum requests that the AU, UN and diplomatic partners of Sudan cooperate and act for: (i) a cessation of hostilities; (ii) humanitarian corridors; (iii) the transition to civilian government, and (iv) justice and equity.

Situation in Ethiopia (per 25 April)

  • Peace talks between the Ethiopian government and the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) started today in Zanzibar, Tanzania.
  • The Ethiopian delegation is led by Amb. Redwan and includes Gideon Timoteos (Ministry of Justice) and Kofalo Teferra, a security advisor of the Government of Oromia. Observers are saying that several rounds of talks are planned.
  • Kenya, Sweden, Norway and the US mediate the talks between the Ethiopian government and OLA.
  • Mike Hammer, US Horn of Africa special envoy, and Tracey Jacobson, US Ambassador to Ethiopia, and EU Special Envoy to the Horn, Annette Weber arrived in Mekelle, Tigray, today.
  • The delegation is expected to meet with humanitarian organisations, officials of the Tigray Interim Administration, including President Getachew Reda, and the Africa Union monitoring team.
  • Inland public transport between Addis Ababa and Mekelle via the Afar region has resumed. The route through the Amhara region is yet to be reopened.

Situation in Eritrea (per 25 April)

  • 103 Christians, mostly students, were arrested earlier in April by Eritrean authorities while the group was recording videos of Christian music for social media. They were sent to Mai Serwa prison.
  • The number of Christian prisoners detained indefinitely without trial in Eritrea counts over 500.

Situation in Somalia (per 25 April)

  • Analysts warn that fighting around Laascaanood is likely to resume. The mayor of Laascaanood, Abdirahin Ali Ismail, has called on the SSC clan forces to defeat the Somaliland forces.
  • Amnesty International reported extensive human rights abuses ongoing around Laascaanood, which resulted in the death of at least over 100 people; bombing by Somaliland forces has severely damaged infrastructure.

International Situation (per 25 April)

  • The UK started the evacuation of their citizens from Sudan. The UK Foreign Office called on the British passport holders to make their way to the Wadi Seidna Air Base from where they will be evacuated by planes.
  • In the Netherlands, Sudanese and friends organised a protest vigil on the Dam square in Amsterdam on Sunday to stop the war.

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