Abri Harnet, the Eritrean underground resistance group reported earlier today that President Isaias had ordered Eritrean troops to leave Tigray. I Tweeted this.

“Reports that President Isaias has withdrawn his troops from Tigray, but that they have not yet return home as they crossed over into Sudan. Any confirmation?”

I have now had clarification from a Tigrayan source, which indicates that this information is probably partially accurate.

They suggested that some troops have left, but that Eritrean forces have not fully withdrawn. Rather, Eritrean forces are in the Afar border area close to Wekro and around Erobe. They are also said to be in parts of western Tigray.

On the question of the Eritrean army entering Sudan, the source said that this was attempted by the Eritreans were halted by Sudanese forces around Kassala.