National Service Conscripts AsmaraA video has been smuggled out of Eritrea showing the tragic events of Sunday 3rd of April.

National Service conscripts attempted to flee from a truck passing through Asmara when they were gunned down.

Some died on the spot.

Others were taken to Halibet hospital.

I have since learnt that another injured conscript has died in hospital.

I have written about this event here and provided the confirmation from the government here.

The video has been posted on Facebook by FaNus, which says others will follow.

It comes with this commentary:

Video from Asmara :What happened in Asmara in 03 April? We might not have clear answers ,and still, we are trying to find out what exactly happened? How many died? How many injured? and how are those injured doing? The good news is that there are brave people inside Eritrea. They tried to record the incident, and they have send us video clips. We tried to edit the videos for safety reasons. Because in the video, you can clearly see and hear people talking against the regime. You can hear some one shouting ”Stop them, stop them”. This is from the heart of Asmara. Don’t forget that it’s not easy to send this kind of videos from Eritrea. This is already an act of bravery. More Videos to follow !