Cyclone IdaiSource: ACAPS



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Key findings:

  • 1.85 million people are affected, including nearly 127,500 people displaced and sheltered in 143 accommodation centres; also 468 people were confirmed dead in Mozambique, more than 1,500 people injured, and some 90,000 homes damaged and destroyed.
  • The impact on food security and livelihoods will affect the population in the long term, due to extensive damage to crops right before the harvest due in March-April as well as loss of goods in markets, seeds and tools.
  • Health needs are also increasing with cases of diarrhoea and respiratory diseases reported.
  • Electricity from power-grids is still down in Beira, while 80% of electrical infrastructure in Dondo is also damaged.
  • In Mossurize and Sussundenga districts, Sofala province 2 bridges have collapsed and 5 are still flooded. Entry to Mossurize is only possible through Zimbabwe.
  • Rains are expected in the coming days, exacerbating the risk of further flooding.