Even before Boris Johnson has appeared on the doorstep of Downing Street, the Conservative Party in Hampstead were attempting to distancing themselves from him.

Conservative Party leaflet distributed in Hampstead Council by-election 7 July 2022

It was being pushed through letter-boxes along the leafy streets in a Camden Council by-election at 8.15 in the morning.

Johnson had yet to address the nation, announcing his resignation.

Not much loyalty to a leaders who was still in place!

Rear of the Conservative Party leaflet 7 July 2022

The Camden Conservatives were so keen to get the leaflet out, they forgot to put on its “p&p” – the printed and published by address required under U.K. election law.

The Labour Party in Camden immediately issued a “cease and desist” notice, demanding that its distribution be halted.

Tulip Saddiq – Hampstead Labour MP – Tweeted her reaction to her 196,000 followers

Meanwhile, the Labour candidate in the by-election, Alex Sufit, calmly went on talking to the people of the area

Alex Sufit