Peace negotiations (per 10 November)

  • The Associated Press (AP) says that the second round of peace talks in Kenya between representatives of the Tigray region and the Ethiopian government, set to end yesterday, has been extended to today (10 November).

Situation in Tigray (per 10 November)

  • Sources state Eritrean forces are patrolling and controlling checkpoints on the road from Endabaguna and Shire until Adwa and May Kinetal.
  • Public transport is not running within these occupied locations.
  • Eritrean troops continue offensive operations, fighting with TDF around Adwa.
  • Prof. Kindeya Gebrehiwot, member of the Tigray regional government, said that Eritrean forces are carrying out looting, killing and destruction campaigns on a large scale in many areas of Tigray.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) has called for an ‘immediate’ massive influx of food and medicines into the Tigray region following the ceasefire agreement.
  • The WHO said people in Tigray need urgent assistance after two years of bloody conflict, with access to the region severely restricted.
  • The Director General of WHO, Tedros Adhanom, applauds the peace agreement but warned it has already been a week and nothing is moving in terms of food aid or medicines.
  • He said that many people are dying from treatable diseases and starvation, “Even in the middle of fighting, civilians need food and medicine. It cannot be a condition.”
  • UNHCR states that of the more than 100.000 Eritrean refugees that were in Tigray prior to the war only 10.000 are left in two Tigray refugee camps, Mai Aini and Adi Harush. There has been no food distribution since late September.
  • Most have relocated to Amhara, Afar or Addis Ababa. UNHCR continues to transport refugees from Tigray to Alemwach camp in Amhara.
  • UNHCR indicates that registrations of Eritrean refugees in Addis Ababa remain halted.
  • The price of food has dropped significantly in Mekelle following the signing of the peace agreement, reports Addis Standard Amharic.
  • A video posted by Assena TV shows ENDF soldiers burying their dead in areas controlled by the TDF, upon mutual agreement.
  • The Tigray Independence Party released a statement on 10 November calling for the TPLF to be removed from the political life of Tigray, stating this would be for the sake of sustainable peace in the region.

Situation in Ethiopia (per 10 November)

  • Sources report that fighting in Oromia has intensified. OLA controls the main highways, while ENDF mainly relies on aerial bombing.
  • Odaa Tarbii, OLA spokesperson, warns that Ethiopian federal troops are being airlifted to Asosa to launch a second offensive on the northern flank of the OLA after attempting to re-capture Mandi.

Regional Situation (per 10 November)

  • A report by the Sudan Tribune says that the ousted former president of Sudan, Omer al-Bashir, is to be returned to prison, together with other Islamist leaders. al-Bashir has not been in court for 10 months, as he has been staying at the army’s Alia Hospital.
  • Al-Bashir and 33 other Islamist leaders are on trial for organizing a military coup on 30 June 30 1989, overthrowing a democratically elected government.
  • Sudan and South Sudan have announced increased collaboration to track illegal movements along their shared border, says the Sudan Tribune.

International Situation (per 10 November)

  • A Europe-wide protest titled “Save Tigray: 2 Years of Tigray Genocide” has been called for 14 November in Brussels, Belgium.
  • Roland Kobia, EU ambassador to Ethiopia, states that the “EU will do its best to support & encourage the implementation of the Peace/CoH agreement”, an agreement the EU “witnessed from outside the room”. He calls out those wanting to spoil the agreement.
  • The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum states that the Pretoria peace agreement recognised the centrality of justice to the peace process.
  • The US department of state published a summary of US relations with Eritrea, stating that “U.S. interests in Eritrea include preventing Eritrea from undermining regional stability, urging progress toward a democratic political culture, addressing human rights issues including religious freedom, and promoting economic reform and prosperity”.
  • It also states that the US “maintains an enduring desire to build relationships with the Eritrean people”.

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