The Council of Archbishops of Tigray has passed eight resolutions during its two-day session. 2 distinct pronouncements stand out:

1. A proper reply has been made to reformist heretics who, in collaboration with Dedebit Media, released a slander against the book of the Miracles of Mary, on our Lady Virgin Mary, saints and our Orthodox faith under the guise of “Shewa myth”. Hopefully the answer will be released on media.

2. The council has also appointed Archbishops for Tigrayans living abroad. The archbishops who will subscribe to the Tigray Church, are

Blessed Abune Isaias – Archbishop of Europe

His Holiness Abune Petros – Archbishop of Australia

Blessed Abune Merha Kiristos- Archbishop of North America

His Holiness Abune Mekars – Archbishop of Canada

The Synod of Tigray has now been established – as it is the only a Synod that has the authority to appoint Archbishops to the Diocese.

3. The Tigray Church is in the process of starting its own television media.

Binyam ZeChristos, March 12/2015